On the Road to Healthy Smiles

Thousands of children in our community suffer from a lack of access to dental care.  This impacts their health, speech, school attendance, and self-confidence.  The Ronald McDonald Care Mobile, fondly known as the "Tooth Truck," is here to help the kids in our community.  With generous support from donors and volunteers, the Tooth Truck has treated more than 22,700 local children through over 52,000 dental appointments valued at more than $13.8 million.  Each year, the Tooth Truck needs NEARLY $400,000 in donations to continue on their mission to complete every child’s treatment plan.  Among all these local kids, recent highlights include helping Analissa, a Glendale High School student, as well as Braeden, a participant I our Healthy Smiles Academy.

The Tooth Truck helps 150 local, at risk kids every month.  For these kids, the Tooth Truck is often their only access to dental care.  Sometimes, access is limited because they don’t qualify for Medicaid.  Even for kids with Medicaid, other barriers such as lack of transportation can be a challenge.  Thanks to generous supporters, the Tooth Truck is fortunately here to help all children who qualify for the free/reduced school lunch program.

We need your help to keep the Tooth Truck on the road in our community. When you support the Tooth Truck, you can be confident that every dollar makes an impact. For every $1 donated, the Tooth Truck provides more than $4 in treatment.  We’re efficient and thorough, completing 1,850 kids’ treatment plans in 2016 alone. And we conduct research to measure the lasting impact with our patients.

We hope you’ll join our community of supporters – we’re not just fixing teeth – we’re making local children’s lives better!