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Helping Kids in Our Community Smile!

While the Tooth Truck might appear to be a small, mobile dental office on wheels, it is clearly making a huge impact on children in our community. Since hitting the Springfield streets over 16 years ago, it has provided more than $15,388,604 in treatment to over 24,296 local at-risk children. This year alone, the Tooth Truck team has traveled to 40+ schools and seen nearly 1,300 children. For these kids, the Tooth Truck is often their only access to dental care.

We need your help to keep the Tooth Truck on the road in our community. Each year, the Tooth Truck needs nearly $400,000 in donations to complete every child’s treatment plan. When you support the Tooth Truck, you can be confident that every dollar makes an impact. For every $1 donated, the Tooth Truck provides nearly $4 in treatment. We’re efficient and thorough, completing 1,850 kids’ treatment plans in 2017 alone.

Please join our community of supporters and donate today – we’re not just fixing teeth, we’re boosting self-confidence and making local children’s lives better!

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