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Morgan Spoor, of West Plains, is the proud mom of five children: Chase (age 13), Avery (age 7), angel baby Marley Ann (who was stillborn at 20 weeks), and one-year-old twins Gregory Beckett and Amelia Lee.

In October 2017, Morgan and her husband Greg were excited to find out they were expecting twins. Tragically, a month later, Greg was killed in a deer-vehicle collision. After complications and weeks of bedrest, the twins were delivered ten weeks early. During their 67-day stay in the NICU, Morgan found comfort at the Ronald McDonald House. As soon as she entered the House, she felt at home. After long days in the NICU, returning to the House (and a home-cooked dinner) lifted a burden off her shoulders and allowed her to spend time with her older kids. Instead of facing a two-hour commute from West Plains (or an expensive 67-night hotel stay), the Ronald McDonald House allowed her to stay close to her babies. She bonded with them, giving them their first baths and first bottles. During the scary moments when her preemies needed her, she was minutes away and could be with them quickly.

While Morgan and her kids will always love and miss Greg, they have immense strength and resilience and are working toward a happy future. As a busy single mom, Morgan is attending nursing school and the twins are healthy, active toddlers.

Morgan's Story

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When our generous supporters Heart the Houses and Adopt a Room, they make the Ronald McDonald Houses possible for the Spoor family and thousands of other area families. Each year, more than 800 families find a community of comfort and hope in Springfield’s two Ronald McDonald Houses. By Adopting a Room for 2020 in one or both of our Houses, you are keeping families of sick children close to each other and near the care and resources they need.


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