Healthy Smiles Academy

Healthy Smiles Academy is an on-site brushing program that partners with Springfield Public Schools, local Boys & Girls Clubs, and other organizations to teach pre-kindergarten and kindergarten students the importance of brushing their teeth. As an extension of the Tooth Truck, Healthy Smiles Academy reaches more children by providing dental education daily in the classroom. Our Academy is growing quickly, currently supporting 143 classrooms, with 12,508 participants.

The goal of Healthy Smiles Academy is to prevent tooth decay, the #1 chronic childhood disease. The Healthy Smiles Academy also aspires to make brushing teeth exciting and routine for children. After local schools and teachers make a daily commitment to the program, we visit each classroom with a fun presentation, educating children on the importance of brushing and building excitement to care for their teeth. The program provides the supplies, volunteer support, and ongoing oversight to make sure the Healthy Smiles Academy succeeds in every classroom.

If you would like to contact the Healthy Smiles Academy, please reach out to Tooth Truck Program Director, Mindy Muñoz, by E-mail mindy.munoz@toothtruck.org or by phone at 417.875.3504.


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